Review: “Her Three Lives” by Cate Holahan

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Take your anxiety meds before reading this one! Brimming with betrayal, suspicion, and doubt, “Her Three Lives” might be Cate Holahan’s best yet.

About the Book

“Her Three Lives” by Cate Holahan

Gaslight goes high-tech in USA Today bestselling author Cate Holahan’s new standalone thriller in which a family must determine who the real enemy is after a brutal home invasion breaks their trust in each other.

Her public life Jade Thompson has it all. She’s an up-and-coming social media influencer, and she has a beautiful new home and a successful architect for a fiancé. But there’s trouble behind the scenes. To Greg’s children, his divorce from their mother and his new life can only mean a big mid-life crisis. To Jade, his suburban Connecticut upbringing isn’t an easy match with her Caribbean roots.

 Her private life A savage home invasion leaves Greg house-bound with a traumatic brain injury and glued to the live feeds from his ubiquitous security cameras. As the police investigate the crime and Greg’s frustration and rage grows, Jade begins to wonder what he may know about their attackers. And whether they are coming back.

 Her secret life As Greg watches Jade’s comings and goings, he becomes convinced that her behavior is suspicious and that she’s hiding a big secret.  The more he sees, the more he wonders whether the break-in was really a random burglary. And whether he’s worth more to Jade if he were dead than alive.

My Review

To the public, Jade’s a popular social media influencer. At home, she’s the loving fiancé to wealthy architect Greg and a joyous expectant mother. But Jade’s harboring secrets from her past, ones that she fears would change the way her fiancé sees her and damage their relationship. When a brutal home invasion causes Jade to miscarry and leaves Greg with a traumatic brain injury, both are determined to protect themselves and find out who is responsible. While the attack forces Jade to revisit her past to look for the perpetrators, Greg turns hi-tech, installing security cameras all over their home to prevent another attack from intruders — or maybe even from the woman he loves.

Take your anxiety meds before reading this one! Brimming with betrayal, suspicion, and doubt, “Her Three Lives” might be Cate Holahan’s best yet. An highly addictive page turner, it explores the fragility of trust and how well we truly know those we love. Jade has secrets, but they’re meant to protect her life with Greg, not harm it . However, her odd behavior after the attack makes Greg wonder what she’s hiding and if she’s the one who intends him harm. A shred of doubt turns into a mountain of mistrust when his grown daughter’s suspicions confirm and compound his own. Greg has blind spots when it comes to the people he cares for the most, choosing to see only what he wants. It’s Jade’s secrets and Greg’s blind spots that ultimately create the conflict in the story (as well as the anxiety) and make it so compelling.

It’s often said that the greatness of a story is in the telling. That couldn’t be more true with this book. “Her Three Lives” is fraught with multiple layers of tension that only intensify as the novel progresses. There’s tension within Jade as she tries to hide her secrets and protect Greg from them at the same time. There’s also tension between the characters, and tension in some of the scenes as you bite your nails, anxious to find out what happens next. Tension fills the overall story too. Both Greg and Jade feel watched — and not just from the cameras. You can’t help but hold your breath at times when you read, expecting the attackers to jump out from the shadows to finish the job they started. It creates a sense of urgency as you read.

Not as fast paced as it is intense and intriguing. Not as twisty as it is highly suspenseful from scene to scene, chapter to chapter, and beginning to end. “Her Three Lives” is an exciting read that grabbed me by my attention span from the very first page. I love well written domestic suspense novels, but I find a lot of them cliched. Not “Her Three Lives”. It checked off all my boxes and did the one thing I love for a book to do: kept me reading way past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down.

Thanks to Grand Central Publishing and Cate Holahan for the gifted ARC.

About the Author

Catherine “Cate” Holahan is the USA Today bestselling author of The Widower’s Wife (August 2016), Lies She Told (Sept. 2017), Dark Turns (November 2015), and One Little Secret (July 9, 2019). An award-winning journalist and former television producer, her articles have appeared in BusinessWeek, The Boston Globe, The Record newspaper, and on many web sites. She is a graduate of Princeton University and lives in New Jersey with her husband, two young daughters, and sometimes-good dog.