Review: “The House of Hidden Secrets” by CE Rose

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Disturbing, eerie, and immensely captivating, “The House of Hidden Secrets” by CE Rose is a slow burning, gothic thriller that’ll send shivers down your spine from the first minute Serena steps inside Ramsey Hall.

About the Book

“The House of Hidden Secrets” by CE Rose

The imposing gates of Ramsay Hall yawned open. As Serena and 4-year-old Lana walked up the long driveway, little did they know the dark secrets that lay within.

When Serena Green accepted the role of housekeeper for wealthy widower Hayden Ramsay, she never imagined her new home would be Ramsay Hall, an ancient, sprawling mansion in Northern England.

Serena quickly becomes an integral part of the household, making friends with Hayden’s younger son Hugh, despite Jack, his older brother’s, coldness towards her and Lana.

But the hall’s beautiful exterior hides many ugly secrets. Though Serena and Jack begin to grow closer, she’s confused by his behaviour around Lana. What is he guilty of? And is there more to their mother’s death than the Ramsay men will admit, even to themselves?

As the harrowing past of Ramsay Hall unravels, Serena fresh start becomes a fresh horror. She fears for her and Lana’s safety, but what are the bleak secrets in Serena’s own past?

This house is built on a lifetime of lies… and the truth might just bring the walls crashing down.

My Summary

It’s enough to make your arm hairs stand on end. The old, creepy mansion filled with dark, dust-covered rooms. The memories of sadness and death that pervade the halls, as well as the minds of the residents. Ramsey Hall feels haunted. In a way, it is. Ghosts aren’t the only things that lurk in the shadows. Secrets do too.

When Serena and her daughter take up residence at Ramsey Hall, the lord of the manor, Hayden, and his grown sons seem harmless enough on the surface. Hayden is charming. Hugh instantly becomes their friend. Jack makes a bad first impression on Serena, but it doesn’t take long until they’re falling in love. Still, there’s something deeply unsettling about the men that she can’t quite figure out.

Running from her past, Serena came to Ramsey Hall to keep her daughter safe. But before long, she fears the greatest danger is inside the old house and from the three men who’ve seemingly welcomed her, not only as the help, but as a new friend.

My Review

Disturbing, eerie, and immensely captivating, “The House of Hidden Secrets” by CE Rose is a slow burning, gothic thriller that’ll send shivers down your spine from the first minute Serena steps inside Ramsey Hall. CE Rose’s writing is nothing short of masterful. Rich with details, the setting creates the ominous tone for the book. The old mansion. The dark rooms. Even the dust on the furniture. The complex, multi-faceted characters add to the vibe. The Ramsey men are morose and perhaps sinister. Serena and her daughter are sweet, yet shrouded in fear and mystery. There’s something to like about all of the characters, but the setting along with the continual (but gentle) twists make you doubt if you should.

Secrets run dark and deep in this book. They lurk like ghosts in the shadows and reveal themselves slowly in bits and pieces over the chapters. Once you think you’ve figured out what the characters are hiding, another twist throws you off track again. You’ll be surprised when the truth about the past is finally revealed — and shocked by who’s been keeping the darkest secrets all along.

Honestly, when I first started reading “The House of Hidden Secrets”, I didn’t think I was going to like it. The first few chapters felt bogged down by descriptions. Because the story is told from Serena, Jack, and Hugh’s points of view, it was also slightly difficult to sink into. But only for the first few chapters. I was hooked before I knew it! The story unravels slowly, but every scene and every chapter is so compelling that I didn’t want it to end.

CE Rose is the pen name of author Caroline England (aka Caro Land). Having read all of her books to date, “The House of Hidden Secrets” is now my new favorite.

Thank you to Hera Books and CE Rose for my copy of “The House of Hidden Secrets”.

About the Author

CE Rose is the pen name of author Caroline England.

Born in Sheffield, Caroline studied Law at the University of Manchester and became a divorce and professional indemnity lawyer.

Caroline writes domestic psychological thrillers. Her debut novel, BENEATH THE SKIN, aka THE WIFE’S SECRET, was published in October 2017. Her second novel, MY HUSBAND’S LIES, followed in May 2018 and became a Kindle top ten bestseller. BETRAY HER was published in July 2020. TRUTH GAMES ebook followed in November 2020. The paperback will be published on 10th June 2021.

Caroline has two pen names. As Caro Land she has written a legal suspense series, CONVICTIONS, published in January 2020. The follow up, CONFESSIONS, published in June 2020.

As CE Rose she has written a gothic-tinged psychological thriller THE HOUSE OF HIDDEN SECRETS. This will be published on 14th April.

Caroline has two dark, twisty short story collections available on Amazon, both in eBook and paperback, WATCHING HORSEPATS FEED THE ROSES and HANGED BY THE NECK.