Review: “The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” by C.G. Twiles

Rating: 5 out of 5.

With never a dull moment, “The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” by C.G. Twiles is taut with suspense from the first page until nearly the very last.

About the Book

“The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” by C.G. Twiles

Sometimes home is the most dangerous place to be.

All Cintra Coutinho wants is to win her family back. After she tells her teenage son a despicable lie, her husband asks for a trial separation. She must go six months without a single fib. That’s harder than it sounds for a compulsive liar.

Cintra moves in with an old college pal, and befriends the sociable couple next door, who have a young boy staying with them while his mother is “in Europe.” 

Then she spots a note on their door: “I’m being held” written in a childish scrawl, with a drawing of a boy with a gun to his head. Add in the eerie sounds she hears through their shared wall, and Cintra suspects they’ve kidnapped the boy.

To unravel the truth of what’s happening in apartment 3D, Cintra must return to her lying ways.

What she discovers proves the most dangerous people can be the ones living right next door.

My Review

With never a dull moment, “The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” by C.G. Twiles is taut with suspense from the first page until nearly the very last.

When Cintra tells her son a hurtful lie, her husband Elliot asks her to move out of their family home for six months. In order to save her marriage, she must not tell another lie ever again. Despite therapy and her best attempts, that will be easier said than done when she moves in with her close friend Pedro and meets the new neighbors.

June and Niko raise the hairs on the back of Cintra’s neck from the moment she meets them. Strange noises from their apartment. A small boy who lives there, but may or may not not be their son — and could very well be a girl. June’s instant friendship and Niko’s aloofness. These things all fuel her suspicions that her neighbors are not what they seem. Her background as a true crime writer and novelist help to kick her imagination into high gear. Are they kidnappers? Murderers? Or is her mind simply lying to her now that she can no longer lie to anyone else?

“The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” by C.G. Twiles is one of the better domestic suspense novels I’ve read in years. The tension starts to build from the very first page, starting out as a whisper and building to a roaring crescendo by the time you reach the climax. Every single chapter is well written, perfectly paced, and completely engrossing. There’s not a hair out of place, so to speak. Cintra is a well-developed, likable, compelling character. Her story alone makes for an interesting read. Add in the new neighbors and her many suspicions regarding them, and you have a can’t-put-down book full of mystery and suspense that won’t let you down — not even with its final twist.

I don’t strongly recommend many books, but this one I do. “The Neighbors in Apartment 3D” gripped me so tightly, I didn’t skip over even the most insignificant word.

Thank you to author C.G. Twiles for a complimentary e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

C.G. Twiles is the pseudonym for a longtime writer and journalist who loves Gothic, mysteries, cemeteries, animals, ancient history, and old houses. Ever since reading Jane Eyre at 21 years old, the author was determined to write a Gothic romantic thriller set in current times, and The Best Man on the Planet is the result of that youthful determination. Her second novel, a domestic suspense story, The Neighbors in Apartment 3D, was inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and by a strange note on her neighbor’s door. Visit, Facebook or Instagram to keep in touch and learn about new releases.

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