Review: “The Coveted Girls” (Suburban Murder Series, Book 3) by Alexa Steele

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A intriguing case that unwinds slowly, but keeps you guessing. Two seasoned detectives whose pasts seemingly haunt them as they teeter on the brink of becoming something more than partners. “The Coveted Girls” is the latest installment from Alexa Steele in her Suburban Murder Series.

About the Book

“The Coveted Girls” by Alexa Steele

When an au pair from the Hamptons is found raped and murdered in the Bronx, top detective Bella de Franco is immediately tasked with finding the killer, along with her partner Mack.

Bella and Mack are no strangers to murder involving the privileged one percent, but this case will quickly become more twisted than any of the others. From the Bronx to the Hamptons to a seedy NYC nanny agency that covers up a sex ring, they discover that wealth buys much more than multi-million dollar homes and flashy cars.

Nannies double as prostitutes for power broker husbands. Wives turn their heads in order to hang onto their lives of opulence. Friends keep quiet — and keep secrets.

To crack their latest case, Bella and Mack must uncover the truth about the nannies-turned-escorts, the broken families that employ them, and one particular person Bella never suspected…

Solving this murder will change Bella’s life in a way she’d never have guessed.

My Review

“The Coveted Girls” is the third book in Alexa Steele’s Suburban Murder Series. As a standalone police procedural, it’s an engrossing, satisfying, and quick read. The book weighs in at less than 200 pages, and there’s no denying Steele’s writing is smooth as silk. But as the third book in the series, it leaves you wanting more answers than it gives.

Like the other two, “The Coveted Girls” ends in a cliffhanger. The murder is solved, but other things are left hanging in the balance, such as the growing possibility of a Bella and Mack coupling. A little more payoff would be nice after three books. After three books, it’s time for something to happen with the secondary storyline involving Bella and Mack, as well as their pasts. Yet, it doesn’t.

The crime and list of colorful suspects in “Coveted Girls” is enough to hook readers who love reading police procedurals or mysteries. However, the cliffhanger is not only frustrating to anyone invested in the series — it’s not needed. Steele’s superior writing can stand alone as a lure to read book #4 when it comes out.

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