Review: “Mine” by Courtney Cole

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Two women in love with the same man.

One’s his wife.

The other his mistress.

Both become trapped in the same house during a hurricane.

Neither will escape the storm unscathed.

Author Courtney Cole makes 300 pages seem like ten. Addicting. Gripping. A taut suspenseful psychological thriller. “Mine” sucks you in and doesn’t let go — even after the story ends.

About the Book

“Mine” by Courtney Cole

Tessa Taylor has it all, and she knows it. A handsome architect husband, three amazing children, a beautiful home, and a multi-million dollar cosmetic company that she started. Aside from her eldest child’s medical condition, she has no worries. Not even an approaching hurricane concerns her too much.

Little does she know as she shutters up their home, her storm is only beginning — and it’s not the one from Mother Nature.

Lindsey Vale has nothing to lose in having an affair with Tessa’s husband Ethan. Instead, she has everything to gain. A broke nursing student who can’t even afford custody of her young son, she knows Ethan can give her a financially secure future. But first, she must eliminate the competition. Lindsey will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

As the hurricane gains strength, Tessa settles in at home. Alone. Her cell phone low on battery power, she picks up her husband’s iPad. It’s there she discovers her husband’s affair in a series of explicit texts.

Betrayed, angry, and hurt, she sends a text from Ethan’s account to Lindsey, summoning her to the house. Tessa wants answers — as well as revenge. The question is how far will she go to get them?

My Review

Let’s face it. If you’re addicted to psychological thrillers, there are plenty out there from which to choose. Most are good, well written books. However, few are so good that you get sucked in and forget you’re reading. Few are as addicting, compelling, and ‘un-put-downable’ as “Mine” by Courtney Cole. This book makes minutes feel like seconds. Ten chapters feel like one. It’s fast paced, but a slow build. It’s fraught with emotion, tension, and suspense — so much so that you may need a therapist or masseuse by the end. Maybe both.

“Mine” alternates between Tessa and Lindsey’s point of view. Tessa’s point of view is in present day, beginning hours before she finds out about the affair. Lindsey’s begins when she and Ethan met –nearly a year before — and continues to present day.

Tessa is out of her mind with hurt and anger. She does things to Lindsey that might seem unusually cruel and insane. If it weren’t for Lindsey revealing herself to be so manipulative and despicable, that is. It’s this masterful way of writing the story that makes the book that much better.

Courtney Cole’s “Mine” makes you think. What would you do if you caught your spouse cheating on you? You might find it a bit chilling when you see how far Tessa goes. However, it’s cathartic too — a sort of perverse pleasure as you get revenge right alongside her.

As an avid reader of psychological thrillers, I only have one complaint about this book. It ended. Nothing you enjoy so much should end. Ever. Did you hear me, Courtney Cole?

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