Review: “Milk in My Coffee” by Eric Jerome Dickey

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Milk in My Coffee” isn’t just a romance or urban fiction novel. It goes much deeper than that to address some important issues.

About the Book

“Milk in My Coffee” by Eric Jerome Dickey

When Jordan Greene moved from west Tennessee to New York City, it was definite culture shock. He went from a slow paced, laid back lifestyle to fast paced. People were everywhere and always in a hurry. Getting your toes stepped on was a daily fact of life — and not cause for profuse apologies like in the South. Yet, adjusting to city life was simple compared to when he jumps in a cab with Kimberly Chavers.

Kimberly Chavers is a red-headed white woman, a free spirit, and an artist. Jordan finds himself immediately drawn to her. The problem is he’s never dated a white woman before. Back home, it was something that wasn’t done. It isn’t something that’s done with his black friends in the city either. He can’t help but notice the looks and hear the comments. Yet, his brief relationship with his girlfriend J’nette is all but over, and Kimberly’s personality and kisses are a lure he can’t resist. After what was supposed to be a hookup, they start dating. It doesn’t take long for both of them to fall in love.

The question is can they make their new relationship work? Jordan’s friends and family are less than accepting of his new white girlfriend. Plus, J’nette’s pregnant. And while Kimberly tells him she’s single and has never dated a black man before, the truth is a little more complicated and something Jordan may not find easy to accept.

My Review

I’ve long been a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey. He always steps out of the way of his writing and allows his characters to come to life on the page — and tell their stories from their individual perspective, without author interference. It makes his stories feel authentic and the characters feel real. His books read almost like memoirs. “Milk in My Coffee” is no exception.

“Milk in My Coffee” isn’t just a romance or urban fiction novel. It goes much deeper than that to address some important issues. As a white girl, I grew up in a very white area in which nice white girls didn’t date black men. It wasn’t a belief to which I subscribed, but I knew it was shared by many others. I knew it, then I felt it. I saw their glares. I felt those glares, hot on my back. I heard some comments, but the worst of them were repeated to me by those who thought I should care what others said, including my father. I dated a kind, compassionate, educated black man, but his character made no difference to them.

I never thought for a second that he faced the same critical, hurtful treatment. While I always knew there were people (both black and white) who didn’t agree with interracial dating, I never knew such vitriol existed on both sides. Because of that, “Milk in My Coffee” was an eye-opener. It exposed my naivete. It also revealed stereotypes I’ve bought into without realizing it. I strive daily to be a white anti-racist, but books like this make me realize how far I still need to go. It makes me realize how far we all still need to go.

“Milk in My Coffee” is a attention-grabbing, addictive read. It’s a work of fiction that grabbed me by my feels. I love when a novel is written so well that it does that. I blew threw over half of the book the first night. It started to drag a little between the middle and the end. Otherwise, I might have read the 300-some pages in one sitting, instead of going to bed.

Just one warning. While some of Eric Jerome Dickey’s books are erotic and X-rated, “Milk in My Coffee” is more R-rated. There are a few hot scenes, but Dickey takes a deeper dive into the characters, their lives, and their pasts than he does the sex. Jordan and Kimberly are a hot couple — one that you’ll want to end up happily ever after. But most of their sex life will be left up to your imagination.

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