Review: “The Chain” by Adrian McKinty

Uber suspenseful. Creepy. Such a twisted premise, it could be true crime.

About the Book

“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty

Rachel is on her way to a doctor’s appointment one morning when she gets the call no parent wants to receive.

“Your daughter has been kidnapped. You will be called in 5 minutes with a set of instructions you must follow to a T.”

The caller is a parent of a kidnapped child as well. In order for the caller to get their child back, Rachel must first pay a ransom, then kidnap someone else’s child.

In order for Rachel to get her daughter Kylie back, those parents must also kidnap a child, as well as pay a ransom.

If one thing goes wrong, Kylie will be killed.

Rachel is now part of The Chain.

Once you’re part of the Chain, you will always be part of the chain. The Chain knows where you are at all times. They know what you’re doing. Even if you get your child back alive, you are still not safe. You never will be again.

They will kill you and your child if you ever tell anyone or… heaven forbid… try to break The Chain.

My Review

“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty is a glaring example of what happens when great stories get buried by the writing. The first half of the book had me gasping between sentences, gripping my Kindle so tight that I swear I heard it sputter, “let me go, you’re choking me.” It was uber suspenseful. It was creepy. It was such a twisted premise, it could be true crime.

However, as wide-eyed and hooked as the first half had me, I struggled to keep reading the second half. The suspenseful, creepy vibe that made the book so engrossing became only a memory. The second half got too technical, too caught up in back story. It destroyed the tension that McKinty worked so hard to build.

If anything could have *maybe* saved the second half, it would have been Rachel’s secondary story line, as well as the other main characters and their relationships with each other. It would have kept me emotionally invested and perhaps kept the tension going until the end. But Rachel’s personal story started strong, then faded from importance. Her relationship with her new boyfriend lacked chemistry and depth from the start. It felt like fluff to fill a page.

It’s always frustrating for me when a good tale goes awry. “The Chain” by Adrian McKinty did just that. It’s a five star story that lost its way and became a three star book.

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