Review: “Dear Wife” by Kimberly Belle

“Dear Wife” by Kimberly Belle is a butt clenching, page turner with a conclusion that’ll turn you on your ear.

About the Book

Beth has planned her escape from an abusive husband for months.  She’s squirreled away money. Purchased a burner phone. Plotted her route from their small Arkansas town to a new life.  She’s taken every step to make sure she gets away, including changing her name. She knows he’ll hunt her down. He’ll stop at nothing to find her.  And if he finds her, he’ll kill her. She has to be prepared. She has to be… 


Jeffrey has never been well liked by his wife Sabine’s sister or anyone else that knew of his troubled marriage.  But when she vanishes, a past physical altercation between them makes him the lead suspect in her disappearance. It doesn’t help his case when the ongoing police investigation uncovers secrets and lies that give Jeffrey motive — and opportunity.  


Marcus is the detective assigned to Sabine’s missing person case.  He knows to solve a case, you have to put pressure on those closest to the victim — and make them sweat.  Putting his own family drama on the back burner to focus 24/7 on finding the woman, he seems to be working on the assumption that she’s dead. However, thanks to computer forensics and cell phone data, he discovers that Sabine might be alive, well, and on the run.   He follows her trail, determined to find her despite the red herrings she’s thrown in the way.


My Review

Book Review: "Dear Wife" by Kimberly Belle

Three well-developed characters.  Two unreliable narrators. A story brimming with suspense.   Hot damn, Kimberly Belle has done it again with “Dear Wife”.   

To be fair, I picked up “Dear Wife” simply because I read “The Marriage Lie” a few years back — and loved it.   I knew nothing about “Dear Wife” going into it. I didn’t even read the blurb. The only thing I knew was Kimberly Belle was the author.  That was enough. I already convinced myself it would be good. At the same time, I also feared I’d set my expectations for Belle too high, and “Dear Wife” would be a let down.  I’m glad it wasn’t.

What I love most about “Dear Wife” is the same thing I loved about “The Marriage Lie”.   The characters Kimberly Belle creates aren’t cardboard cutouts that are there simply to drive the plot forward. Beth, Jeffrey, and Marcus are so well fleshed out that they could easily be the people who live next door. You might want to sell your house and move if that were the case, but still…

The story starts off seeming somewhat straight forward. A woman goes missing. While she’s on the run, she divulges the horrific details of her marriage. Meanwhile, her abusive husband is the main suspect with an alibi and perhaps a knack for the downplay. But neither are a match for the detective on the case who seems to quickly get everybody’s number.

Yet, nothing in a psychological thriller is ever straight forward. The small, well placed twists continually make you doubt the characters, as well as their versions of events. Kimberly Belle is an ace. She drops clues like Easter eggs, but they are well disguised.

Will Beth’s husband find her?

Will Marcus reveal the truth about what happened to Sabine?

“Dear Wife” by Kimberly Belle is a butt clenching, page turner with a conclusion that’ll turn you on your ear.

You’ll want to read it…

…with the lights on.

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