Review: “Intrusion” by Mary McCluskey

The perfect book when you’re craving a well written suspense novel that’s easy on the mind and just… well… enjoyable.  

About the Book

Book Review: "Intrusion" by Mary McCluskey

Kat and Scott are reeling from the death of their 17 year old son Christopher.  Both are dealing with their grief in different ways. Attorney Scott has thrown himself into his work.  Kat has retreated from everything, including her career and aspects of her marriage. She spends her days at home, reliving memories of when her son was alive.  

Enter Sarah Cherrington.

Sarah is an old school chum of Kat.  Now a widowed heiress, she hires Scott’s firm to represent her.   Instantly, Sarah is intent on renewing her friendship with Kat and helping her friend find some semblance of happiness again.  As much as Kat welcomes her help, she questions her motives. She remembers Sarah well — and exactly why their friendship ended.  Before long, what should have been a happy reunion between two old friends puts Kat and Scott’s marriage in jeopardy.   

“Intrusion” by Mary McCluskey has been on my ‘to be read’ list for a couple of years.  I bought it with the intention to read it upon its release, but I never got to it. I remember how excited I was to find it — and how the blurb alone led me to purchase it. I didn’t even read the free sample.When I spotted it last week, it was like finding buried treasure.  

My Review

The book is listed as Psychological Fiction and Suspense on Amazon, and that’s exactly what it is.   However, it’s a very slow and light descent into the mind of the character Kat and, with her, Sarah.   McCluskey creates a strong and believable character in Kat. The grief feels real. The thoughts that go through Kat’s head are ones you can imagine of a grieving mother.   I found my heart breaking for her. The book is paced so that there is time for McCluskey to tell you the story — and pull you into it.

You wonder what’s going on.  With Sarah. With Scott.

You think it’s one thing.  Because it makes sense based on the characters’ history.

But it’s not.  Trust me.

I never lost interest for a second while reading “Intrusion”.   Don’t mistake ‘slow and easy’ for cumbersome or boring. This book is neither.  It’s well timed, but not slow paced. It’s engrossing, but it’s not a lip biting, edge of your seat tale either.   It’s simply good. It’s the perfect book when you’re craving a well written suspense novel that’s easy on the mind and just… well… enjoyable.  

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