Review: “The Silent Sister” by Shalini Boland

‘You don’t deserve a sister…’

About the Book

Book Review: "The Silent Sister" by Shalini Boland
“The Silent Sister” by Shalini Boland

Lizzy Beresford is at home alone when she finds a chilling letter in her kitchen. Someone has been into her home – someone who wishes Lizzy harm.

In her little country cottage, with her doting boyfriend, not far from the close-knit village, Lizzy can’t imagine who might want to hurt her. But when the threatening letters keep coming, she starts to suspect everyone around her.

Desperate, Lizzy reaches out to her sister, Emma. They haven’t spoken in years, not since the argument that tore them apart.

But what Emma says shocks her to the core:

‘I’ve been receiving letters too…’

My Review

I finished “The Silent Sister” days ago. It’s unusual for me to wait so long to write a quick review, but I wanted to be careful in what I wrote about this psychological thriller by Shalini Boland. To be honest, I almost put it down a quarter of the way through, because it started to feel like an account of Lizzy’s day-to-day life with her boyfriend and shallow friend backslash co-worker rather than a thriller of any kind. I only kept reading because it’s Shalini Boland — and she’s good at what she does.

I wanted to find out who sent the letters and why. What would happen to Lizzy? Her boyfriend gave signs of being manipulative and controlling. Was it him? Her sister Emma? Boland’s characters were realistic and believable. There were enough red herrings that it could have been anyone. I started to anxiously look for the twist. (And boy, was there!) The story snuck up on me, and I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down if I tried.

Shalini Boland is amazing psychological fiction author. The fact I wanted to put this book down a quarter of the way through had nothing to do with her writing — or the book. Both are amazing. It’s just that I crave a faster pace and a little more suspense with my psychological thrillers. It’s simply my personal preference. But I’m still and will always be a Shalini Boland fan.†

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