Review: “Those Who Lie” by Diane Jeffrey

“Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.”

About the Book

Cover art:  "Those Who Lie" by Diane Jeffrey
“Those Who Lie” by Diane Jeffrey

Emily wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of how she got there.  Two police officers sit by her bed, wanting answers that she can’t give.  There was a car accident.  Her husband Greg is dead.  And she is the one who killed him.   The only thing Emily can remember is there was an argument before the wreck. She told Greg something she can’t tell the cops.   She told him that it was her father.  Her father whose death she also caused — over fifteen years ago.  

As she tries to move forward with her life as a widow, it’s more than just Greg’s death coming back to haunt her.   It’s her past too.  As the story alternates between the events following her father’s death and those of present-day, it also begins to weave them together.

She starts to see her dead husband everywhere. 

She hears things and see things out of the corner of her eye that make her think she’s being followed.

There’s a too-recent picture of her husband in front of her childhood home.

There’s the sound of a baby crying in her guest room, but no baby.

There’s a man wearing her father’s jacket. 

Is it her subconscious playing tricks on her, or is someone out to drive her mad?   She needs the two people closest to her to believe what she’s experiencing is real.  Yet, her best friend Pippa and older sister Amanda start to question her sanity as her tales grow more bizarre and even less believable.  Emily can hardly blame them.     

She’s not sure that she can trust herself.

In fact, she’s not sure if she can trust anyone at all. 

My Review

“Those Who Lie” by Diane Jeffrey is what all psychological thrillers should be.  Taut and chilling, the plot is a continual corkscrew that leaves you unable to predict what’s around the next turn.   Red herrings swim in schools throughout the pages.   What you think is the truth hardly ever is.  You’ll feel like your mind is engaged in an exhilarating game of Twister as you try to solve the mystery one minute – and get caught up in Emily’s emotional story the next.    

It’s hard to believe “Those Who Lie” is just the debut for Diane Jeffrey.   It’s the novel all writers wish they could create – the one that leaves the reader bound to the edge of their seat.  Jeffrey accomplished it straight out of the gate.  She’ll blow your mind as the story unfolds, then finish off with an ending you won’t see coming until you’re already there.   If you don’t want to miss out on an exciting, page-turning thriller, “Those Who Lie” is a must-read for you. 

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