Review: “Perfect Match” by Zoe May

I’m sitting in the crowded reception area of a doctor’s office.  Everyone is quiet.  I have my Kindle open, settling into another chapter of “Perfect Match” by Zoe May.  But this book isn’t like the thrillers I usually read.   It’s a romance.  And it’s hilarious.  Almost instantly, I’m laughing out loud.  Everyone’s looking at me as I snort my way through the pages, but I don’t care.    This book has me hooked!*

About the Book

Cover art: "Perfect Match" by Zoe May
“Perfect Match” by Zoe May

Sophia is an expert at online dating.   She knows which pictures to use, what questions to ask, and she’s even created a boilerplate bio that she knows gets results.    The only thing she can’t seem to do is to find the perfect match.   After 71 dates with guys who are never quite what she wants, she’s ready to admit defeat.   But when her roommate Kate insists she give it one more try on a different dating site, Sophia decides to do things differently.   This time she holds nothing back and decides to look for the perfect man, the one she’d only expect to find in her wildest dreams.   

He must look like Robert Pattinson.

He must be filthy rich.

He must travel for work. 

He must have a rescue cat.

And to take it one step further, he must have very specific measurements inside his jeans.  

Sophia never expects to find the man she described.  In fact, her description of him was fueled by her assumption that the perfect guy for her wasn’t out there and never would be.   But then she meets Daniel.  He’s everything she said she wanted and – within a few weeks – she’s nearly moved in.  Daniel dotes on her.  He spoils her.   No matter how unbelievable it seems to Kate, Sophia believes she’s found her perfect match.   Or has she?

My Review

“The Perfect Match” by Zoe May is more than just a romance novel. It’s a social commentary on modern-day dating.  Her character Sophia is an independent young woman with a career and a strong network of friends.  She’s hardly the weak female you find in dime store romance novels who’s looking for a man to save her from herself.  Instead, Sophia just wants what we all want: the right guy for her.  Someone to love who loves her too.   Since life leaves little time to let nature takes its course, she does like millions of others do daily.   She turns to online dating.

Any woman, regardless of age, who has tried online dating for herself will be able to relate to Sophia in the “Perfect Match”.   Author Zoe May is witty.   She could probably make an encyclopedia entry chuckle-worthy.   What’s more, her writing style is smooth and easy to enjoy.  There aren’t hiccups that pull you out of the story – or slow-downs that make you look around for something better to do.  

Yet, what makes the book so laugh-out-loud hilarious and impossible to put down is the truth behind the fiction.   “Perfect Match” is as relatable as it is entertaining.  If you’ve tried online dating, you’ll discover Sophia’s experiences aren’t so unlike yours.  Even the guys she meets, from Bad Date #71 to the perfect Daniel are caricatures of the all-wrong ones we’ve dated before —  and the ones that finally feel so right.  

“Perfect Match” is full of the romance you expect in the genre, as well as the happy ending you crave.  It might even make you think twice the next time you venture into online dating.  

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