Review: “The Family at No. 13” by S.D. Monaghan

“The most perfect lives can hide the darkest secrets…”

About the Book

Cover art: "The Family at No. 13" by S.D. Monaghan
“The Family at No. 13” by S.D. Monaghan

From the outside, Mary appears to have it all. Beauty. An extravagant home on a prestigious street. A silent yet supportive husband. Everything looks idyllic, even the rough spots. The fact that she’s taken on the difficult task of caring for her troubled nephew Finn can’t detract from her seemingly perfect life. She has nothing but support around her, including from neighbors who show understanding when Finn’s loud outbursts regularly disrupt their peace and quiet.

There’s Bairbre, who’s tolerant of Finn’s loudness that fills her garden daily.

There’s Brona, whose beauty Mary envies, but whose loyalty Mary doesn’t question.

And Zachery, the ultra-successful business man and Brona’s live-in boyfriend.

Indeed, everything in Mary’s life seems perfect, but things are rarely as they seem. Even the deepest of secrets can only remain hidden for so long. The insertion of Zachery’s therapist Conner into the neighborhood, as well as a piece of anonymous hate mail directed toward Finn, will prove the catalyst for exposing Mary and her family’s secrets to everyone.

My Review

“The Family at No. 13” by S.D. Monaghan opens in the present day with Connor kneeling beside a dead body on Mary’s driveway. In the next chapter, the story goes back a few days. Monaghan takes the time fully immerse you into Mary’s seemingly idyllic life and to develop the key characters until you feel like you know them. But all the while, something’s not quite right.

After all, someone was murdered.

But who?

And by whom?

You know there’s going to be a twist somewhere up ahead, but you can’t get to it fast enough as you walk, jog, and then start to run through the first parts of the book to get back to present day.

“The Family at No. 13” isn’t one of those intense, fast-paced thrillers that moves you along at breakneck speed.  It doesn’t need to be in order to be good.  Instead, it’s a riveting tale that keeps you in constant suspense. Even when it slows its roll in the middle, you’ll keep flipping through the pages until it picks up again. Because it will… and the ending makes it worth it.

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