Review: “I Wish You Missed Me” by Bonnie Hearn Hill

In the third book of the intriguing series, former crime blogger and radio talk show host Kit Doyle goes in search of her missing friend. 

About the Book

Cover art:  "I Wish You Missed Me" by Bonnie Hearn Hill
“I Wish You Missed Me” by Bonnie Hearn Hill

When Farley Black doesn’t show up for a surfing trip to Malibu with his girlfriend Monique, Kit doesn’t think anything of it.   But when Farley’s new radio show co-host and former cop John Paul suggests something is wrong, she starts to fear what may have happened. 

Accompanied by her street-wise friend Virgie whose questionable past has left her with a knack for breaking and entering, Kit gathers clues as they follow the signal from Farley’s phone.  What she finds at the end of the trail is a rural, off-the-grid community with residents who are as unwelcoming as they are strange.  

What are they hiding? 

Where’s Farley? 

Kit is searching for her friend, but she soon realizes she’s also being followed by a killer.

My Review

Author Bonnie Hearn Hill has a talent for creating stories that pick you up from where you sit and take you along on the journey.   It doesn’t take reading the first two books in the series to be drawn into “I Wish You Missed Me”.   

Kit Doyle is a compelling, likable character.   You’ll find yourself wanting to stay one step ahead of her to help find her friend – and keep her out of danger.  The strength of the story makes up for the sometimes-stilted dialogue toward the end that feels like an attempt to quickly wrap things up.

Hill’s relatively new to writing mainstream mysteries after a successful career writing YA.   She may have hit the ground running with this series, but it’s doubtful she’s reached her stride.  Yet.

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